9 Ways Girls Curse Their Ex-Boyfriends after Nasty Breakups

Most relationships come to an end at some point, but there are two types of breakups—good breakups where you have a sense of gratitude for the time you spent together, and bad breakups where you regret ever dating at all. Depending on the type, it can have a major impact on a girl’s mental state after the relationship ends. In this installment, we’ll be sharing ways girls think about their ex-boyfriends after a cruel breakup, based on a survey.

1. “He’ll regret that when he sees how beautiful I am in six months!”

“I’ll be an even better woman! If he realizes his mistake at that point, it’s too late!” said one combative girl. It’s hard to change your ex-boyfriend, but changing yourself is possible if you make the effort. Improving your looks is a good thing, so keep focusing on changing for the better.