5 Messages from Her That He Believes Don’t Require a Response

Especially at the early stage of your relationship, you want to exchange text messages frequently to know what he’s up to during the day. Unfortunately, not all text messages receive a timely response from him. Depending on how and when you send your message, he may not think a response is necessary. We asked single men ranging in age from their late teens to their late 20s about the topic, and compiled some of the actual messages they received from their girlfriends. These are samples of text messages that most guys assume fall into the “no immediate response required” category.

1. An emoji with no message.

“I’m not sure how she expects me to respond to an emoji,” a confused man in his 20s tells us. This is one of the most frequently-ignored messages. If you want to see his reaction, or if you’re hoping for a response, you’ll need to find an emoji that’s spot on for the current situation. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to take an extra two seconds to add a quick note to the emoji.