4 Reasons Guys Decided to Marry Their Girlfriends

As they start to consider marriage as a real possibility, most women in a successful relationship look forward to the day that their boyfriend proposes to them, However, most guys can’t gather the courage to take this next big step and they end up putting it off. So, then, what convinces a guy to take the plunge? We’ve asked guys in their teens and 20s for their opinions, and share with you the four reasons why some guys have decide to marry their girlfriend.

1. She dedicated herself to taking care of him when he was sick.

When your boyfriend gets sick, he will be grateful to have you there to take care of him. “She wiped the sweat off my face and made me soup. She really showed me that she cares, and it meant a lot to me,” said a guy in his 20s. But, you might end up bothering him if you overdo it. It’s important to notice what he needs from you and to make sure you act based on this understanding.