9 Actions That Turn Things Completely Around When Your Boyfriend Says, “Let’s Break Up”

What would you do if the man you loved suddenly wanted to break up? If you didn’t want to just give up on him, you’d be looking for some way to turn things around, right? In this edition, we’ll be sharing methods for changing your boyfriend’s mind when he says he wants to break up, based on a survey of girls who did just that.

1. “Can you wait just one more day?” Put off making the decision.

“It could be that he’s just saying that in the heat of the moment. It’s better to take a moment and put your feelings in order,” said one girl. This method gives you a grace period before the decision is made. After a day has passed, your boyfriend’s feelings may have changed. It also gives you time to get your own feelings in order, so you can tell him what he means to you.