9 Things Your Boyfriend Might Do When He’s Cheating

Even when you are convinced that your boyfriend is cheating on you, it’s hard to confront him solely based on your suspicions. To help determine your next steps, observe his everyday demeanor to judge whether he’s guilty or innocent. We surveyed women to introduce to you “9 Things Your Boyfriend Might Do When He’s Cheating.”

1. Your boyfriend has started to wear cologne and is clearly paying more attention to the way he looks

“My boyfriend changed his hairstyle and got a new, fitted suit. He was going on numerous lunch dates with a colleague…” You need to be careful if your boyfriend all of a sudden upgrades his appearance. You can grow even more suspicious if he shows up for a date with you wearing his usual outfit.

2. Your boyfriend is suddenly an expert on up-and-coming restaurants and trendy cafes

“When I asked him if he would take me there, he just changed the subject… I thought he was looking them up to take me out!” Your boyfriend might be planning to take someone else on a date when he is so thorough with his research. Casually raise the subject and see if he accidentally reveals something.

3. Your boyfriend doesn’t make himself available at night, like “Today I’m working overtime” and “Friday I’m going out for drinks with colleagues.”

“When I called at night, it went straight to his voicemail and that continued for several months. I knew he was cheating on me then.” Be vigilant of your boyfriend’s evening commitments. Still, he could actually be working overtime, so don’t carelessly jump to the conclusion that “it’s over!”

4. Your boyfriend carefully cleans his car, including his car seats and car pockets

“I knew right away. He’s a slob, so I knew something was off when he cleaned his car so thoroughly!” There is a good chance that your boyfriend went on a drive with someone else and is cleaning his car to hide the traces. You could leave your belongings in his car to set a trap.

5. Your boyfriend deliberately starts paying attention to you, like “Wait, did you cut your hair?”

“I was shocked that he would start sucking up to me when he feels guilty!” Your boyfriend might have an ulterior motive if he starts complimenting you profusely. However, you could also try to look at this from a different angle, because it could be that he is really feeling guilty and is trying to make up for his former behavior—or just his previous grumpy attitude.

6. While on a date, your boyfriend keeps checking his phone and answers calls secretively

“He said, ‘It’s from my friend,’ but in retrospect I think it was the other woman…” Guys become restless during a date when they are expecting their mistress’ message or a phone call. There might be a hidden motive if your boyfriend turns off his cell phone or keeps ignoring phone calls.

7. Your boyfriend stops using social media and/or switches his social media accounts

“He said he got bored of social media, but I caught him talking to other girls using a different account!” Some guys change their online ID so that their girlfriends wouldn’t catch them in action. If you find him, you could give him a warning by acting oblivious and commenting on his post.

8. Your boyfriend doesn’t leave his phone out, even when he’s taking a shower or goes to the bathroom

“He was in the bathroom for a long time… I got worried and went to knock, and heard him flirting with a girl!” Cheaters often keep their phone close to them at all times. See how your boyfriend reacts when you suggest something like, “Why don’t you leave your phone here?”

9. Your boyfriend doesn’t make time for you when you suggest going on a date

“I believed him when he said ‘I’m busy’… I should have just invited myself over to his place without telling him!” If your boyfriend declines your invitations to go out, you could confront him and ask for the truth. However, it could also just be a misunderstanding. Don’t be too quick to assume that your boyfriend is being unfaithful.