9 Times You Might Want to Cheat Even Though You Love Your Boyfriend

If you feel the urge to cheat coming on even though you love your boyfriend, you need to control yourself so you don’t make a mistake you’ll regret later. If you know what kinds of things make your resolve waver, it might be easier to see the temptation coming and steel yourself against it. In this article, we discuss nine times you might want to cheat even though you love your boyfriend based on responses from a survey of our female readers.

1. When you contact him a lot but he never replies

“I get annoyed and worried and I can’t calm down. I want to distract myself.” Some girls said that if their communication with their boyfriend stopped they’d be anxious, so they might want to cozy up to someone else. Tell yourself that the only one who can lift this feeling is your boyfriend and stop yourself from doing anything rash.