How Men Are Misled by Porn: 7 Things Men Do that Are Huge Turn Offs

Many men have seen an exciting act or scene in a porn movie and thought, “I can try that next time I have sex.” However, many porn scenes are not what women actually want. There’s a chance that asking your girl to perform the same acts you see in porn will be a huge turn off for her. Based on a survey of women, we compiled a list of 7 things men ask for after watching porn that are huge turn offs for women.

1. Asking if you can cum on her face

“It’s just so degrading.” This act can hurt her self-dignity. It may be a common act in porn, but it is wise to assume that only a handful of girls will be okay with it. If you do ask and she says no, don’t push it further by asking, “Then where can I cum?”