8 Ways to Cheer Up Your Boyfriend When He’s Gloomy about Work or Exam Results

Even happy-go-lucky guys can get miserable if they’re having trouble with work or exams. If your boyfriend is really down in the dumps, you’ll need to be sensitive and treat him gently to help him get his mojo back. We’ve asked several guys for their opinions, and in this article we present 8 ways to cheer up your boyfriend when he’s gloomy about work or exam results.

1. Smile cheerfully at him and say, “Never mind!”

“I’d be happier if she was bright and cheerful than if she joined me in my misery.” You can cheer your boyfriend up by being perky and bright. Scolding him and saying, “It’s silly to get hung up on something like that!” can have the opposite effect, so it’s better to treat him kindly.