9 Things Girls Did to Convince Their Cheating Boyfriend They Were the Only One for Him

“There’s another girl in the picture?!” This can be pretty shocking news, but if your boyfriend is a great guy, then other girls will naturally show interest in him. What bright ideas can ensure you won’t lose out when it comes to love? In this article, based on a survey of girls, we introduce 9 things they did to convince their cheating boyfriend they were the only one for him.

1. She polished up her appearance: “I’ll be the best girl of them all!”

“Guys like beautiful women after all.” A lot of people thought they could keep their boyfriend by sprucing up their looks. There are loads of ways to do this—take care of your skin and your health, coordinate your clothes, and pay attention to the way you walk and talk. Not only is it fun, but you can learn something for yourself.