5 Ways to Turn Down a Guy Who’s Been Asking You Out Persistently

Have you ever been asked out by a guy who insists on taking you out, despite your effort to communicate that you’re not interested? Many women experience this problem and are unsure how to effectively turn down such an approach. We asked women to share their advice on the topic, and share five ways to turn down a guy who won’t stop asking you out.

1. Keep telling him you have no time.

It seems like many women use the line “I’m too busy.” Two women in their 20s recommended turning him down gently by letting him know you have too much on your plate. “Tell him you are sorry but that you’re busy, without giving a specific reason.” If he still asks you when you’ll be free, you should try to eliminate the chances of him asking you out again. A teen recommended, “You can make it clear that you’re just busy all the time and won’t have time for the foreseeable future.”