8 Ways Girls Judge Their Boyfriends That Will Make Them Respond, “What Do You Know about Me?!”

When you’re in a relationship, you will find out a lot of things about your partner’s personality. But if you constantly label your boyfriend based on your own impressions, it can be very frustrating for him. We surveyed our male readers to bring you some ways girls judge their boyfriends that make them say, “What do you know about me?!”

1. “I know everything about you.”

“Sometimes it makes me want to take the contrary position just on purpose.” When your boyfriend feels like you’re behaving as if you can see right through him all the time and looking down on him in judgment, it can make him want to fight back. Pointing out that you’ve made positive discoveries about him, such as that he’s much more serious than you thought, could help him accept your criticisms more constructively.