8 Creative Ways to Spend Your Time When You Can’t See Each Other

He’s been tied up at work or you have too many errands to run. Everyday small chores can keep couples apart sometimes. If you keep missing each other, you may feel as though you’re having a long-distance relationship. Don’t get used to not being in each other’s company, though. You have to be creative to stay emotionally connected when you are unable to see each other. Here are some ideas.

1. Update him on day-to-day things.

By emailing or texting him about what’s going on around you, you will fill the void that’s created when you’re not able to see each other. “I like to be informed. It gives me the illusion that we were there together when it happened.” Even if it’s something trivial, by keeping in constant communication you will shorten the distance between you. Use common sense not to text too frequently and hinder his busy schedule, though.