9 Ways to React if Your Boyfriend Points out You’ve Put on Weight

How would you react if your boyfriend asked you out of the blue, “Have you put on weight?” Even if he’s hit the mark, reflexively getting angry and yelling “Shut up!” will probably create bad feeling between you. However, with the right reaction, you can get him to think “She’s cute no matter what her weight is!” We conducted a questionnaire among guys, and in this article we introduce the survey results and talk about “9 ways to react if your boyfriend points out you’ve put on weight.”

1. Say, “You got me!” and laugh innocently

Cheerfully and honestly acknowledge the fact that you’ve put on weight. “If she laughed like it was a joke, I’d have to laugh too.” If you can laugh it off with your boyfriend, he’ll feel more affectionate toward you. If nothing else, it will create a better mood between the two of you than if you angrily yell, “Don’t say that!”