5 Reasons Why He Doesn’t See You as A Prospective Girlfriend

You and he are inseparable. You talk to him daily, you eat out together, and you go out to the movies together. Yet, he has never shown any interest in you as a girlfriend. Does this sound familiar to you? What types of women are not receiving the attention they deserve? Based on the survey responses we collected, we’ll introduce some of the traps that will place you in the “friend zone” and explain how to recognize them.

1. You simply lack a romantic aura.

A gorgeous sunset behind you, or stars shining above your head…despite the romantic surroundings, you’re painfully realistic about the current situation. If this is you, then yes, you have been disqualified as a potential girlfriend. You didn’t want to pretend to be who you’re not, but in this case, your noble attitude fell short of impressing him. The same goes to those who aren’t particularly good at exchanging compliments. The only remedy is to practice the language of love.