8 Places to Discuss a Break-up

When your feelings have cooled, you not only have to pick the right time to tell your boyfriend that you want to break up, you also have to find the right place. Here, we surveyed our readers who are thinking about breaking up to bring you “8 Places to Discuss a Break-up.”

1. A cafe or restaurant late at night

This is a case of asking him out late at night, when your feelings are at their most intense. There are not so many places to meet at this hour, but some women use a cafe or restaurant that stays open late. There is a downside to this. Because these are places where you would normally relax and spend long hours, it’s possible that, if your boyfriend doesn’t agree with the break-up, he will dig in his heels and stay put. Just in case, decide on a time limit for yourself, and tell him you want to break up within that time.