9 Ways of Breaking Up that Try to Take the High Road but Make Him Think “I Wish She’d Just Said She Hated Me!”

You don’t want him to think you’re a bad person, so you use convenient excuses. But he can tell exactly what you’re really thinking, so in the end you might just end up making him mad. In this edition, we’ll be sharing ways of breaking up that try to take the high road, but end up making guys think “I wish she’d just said she hated me!” based on a survey of 154 single men.

1. An arrangement that’s convenient for her: “I want to be friends again.”

“I still have feelings for you, and you expect me to just forget about that and be friendly!?” said one guy. This makes him feel like your relationship was some kind of experiment, and now you’re saying “I want to do this after all.” If you go a step further and state clearly “it was more fun when we were just friends,” you might be able to get to the root of the problem and move on.