9 Obnoxious Girls that Guys Want to Break Up With Right Away

Even if they manage to start a relationship with the guy they’re interested in, some girls always end up getting dumped right away. Why? It seems that they do things guys find too obnoxious to take. In this installment, we’ll be sharing 9 behaviors that guys find so obnoxious that they decide to dump their girlfriend immediately, based on a survey of guys.

1. Trying to control his movements: “Who did you meet today and where did you go?”

“That’s so annoying. Who are you, my mom? My secretary?” said one guy. This shows that guys don’t like it when girls are controlling. However, if you don’t ask anything at all, he might think, “Does this girl even like me at all?” It’s probably best to ask some questions, but be careful not to pry excessively.