5 Useful Topics for When Things Get Silent on the First Date

It’s very common for people to run out of things to talk about on the first date: whether you’re too nervous or you just can’t seem to find a common interest, you draw a blank in your head. Are there universal topics that can be used as a conversation starter? Today, we asked young women to share some of the topics they use to fill in the awkward moments during their first dates.

1. “I had a slip-up at work the other day.” Talk about your blunders.

“If I can make him laugh, even at my own expense, it’s worth it just to get over the awkwardness,” says a woman in her late teens. Exposing your funny slip-up story is a shortcut to restarting a lively conversation with him. Try to pick a light-hearted mishap. If you share a case of a serious error, you may end up making the air between you even heavier than it was before.