5 Ways to Find Out if He’s a Sincere Person

Let’s say that you’ve been approached by someone who interests you, more or less. Before making the decision to date him or not, you would want to determine what kind of a person he is. What are some of the factors women use to make up their minds? This time, we asked single women in their teens and their 20s to give their advice, and share five ways to know if he’s a good, sincere person.

1. Look at the type of people he hangs out with.

To a certain extent, the type of person he is will be reflected in the people he chooses to hang out with. “If he only hangs out with people who are shallow, I would ask myself if he’s like them,” a teen commented. However, his seemingly shallow friends could be nice people. Moreover, even if his friends are a little shallow, he could be a very deep, thoughtful person himself. His circle of friends will give you a glimpse into who he is, but you should not make a judgement solely based on this observation.