5 Moments He Adores You During the First Date

The first date is nerve-wracking for everybody. There will be awkward silences when you don’t know what to do or say. It feels like you’re in the dark with a blindfold on, but then you does something that absolutely lights up his heart. Today, we surveyed young, single men and asked them to share if they had experienced any specific moments when they recognized they’d become absolutely smitten with their girlfriends.

1. She casually grabs hold of his hand.

“The best part of the first date is holding hands for the first time. If she initiates the contact, it adds to the excitement!” admits a young man in his 20s. “Holding hands” is on everyone’s things-to-do list during the first date. By taking the lead with checking this item off the list, you’ll also add thrill and excitement to the first date.