9 Things that Are Better Left Unsaid During a Breakup

Not many people are good at breaking up. But if you’re the one doing the breaking up, if you can avoid any unfortunate slips of the tongue, it may be possible to get through the process smoothly. On the other hand, if you don’t choose your words carefully, your boyfriend may dig in, and by the end, you’ll both be exhausted from the struggle. Here we introduce nine things that are better left unsaid during a breakup.

1. “It’s too hard to say it in person, so I want to tell you over the phone. Let’s break up.”

Breaking up over the telephone or by email is a self-centered, one-sided method of handling a breakup. When you do things this way, you’ll end up arguing about whether to meet one last time before you ever get to “should we break up,” and the entire argument will just miss the point. You’re better off handling the breakup in person.