“What’s inside is more important!” 7 Reasons Why Men Fall in Love with Plain Jane

Good-looking ladies have no trouble finding men for obvious reasons, but a plain Jane can be just as attractive, depending on what’s inside. When a man finds his true love and falls hard for her, it’s often because of her inner qualities, rather than her looks. Today, we gathered a group of young men in happy relationships and asked them to share the reasons why they fell in love with their girlfriends.

1. Not only does she share the same sense of humor, but having fun with her is effortless.

“As far as being able to have a fun conversation, she beats my guy friends by far!” boasts a young man in his late teens. When searching for the perfect partner, many men place a great deal of importance on the ease of carrying a conversation with their partners. Even if she’s drop-dead gorgeous, the relationship will not last if it’s not fun to spend time with her. It’s essential to be able to enjoy each other’s company in order to have a successful and happy relationship.