“So in the End, He Picks that Kind of Girl?”: 9 Types of Brides Girls Don’t Like Their Ex-Boyfriends Marrying

Sometimes when you hear about the girl your ex-boyfriend married, it gives you a complicated, uncomfortable feeling. How can you clear that up? In this installment, we’ll be discussing the types of brides that girls don’t like their ex-boyfriends marrying, based on surveys of women.

1. When, even though he insisted, “I want you to be a stay-at-home mom,” I heard he was marrying a career woman and they were both going to keep working.

“Even though we broke up because I couldn’t bring myself to quit my job…” said one girl. Some girls feel like the conclusion they came to with their ex-boyfriends was totally meaningless. If you consider it more optimistically, thinking that your breakup was such a major event for him that it changed his values could make things easier to take.