5 Types of Relationships That People Expect to Not Last

You feel that you’re living a great life with the best partner possible, but the people around you may not view your relationship the same way. People may consider you and your partner “the least likely couple to survive”. Today, we gathered a group of young single women, aged between their late teens and late 20s, and asked them what elements in certain relationships make them assume that they won’t last.

1. The couple who fell in love at first sight at a party.

“If you date someone out of impulse, of course it’s not going to last,” predicts a woman in her early 20s. Those who get together out of convenience are often considered reckless and people tend to look down on them. While the relationship may have started on shaky ground, there is still a chance that true love can flourish. It’s worth your effort to give the relationship a serious try.