5 Types of Women Who Are Popular Amongst Men

You probably have come across a female friend who is plain and doesn’t appear to have anything particularly attractive about her, yet she is the one who gets all the attention from the men around her. What is so appealing about her that men cannot leave her alone? Today, we gathered a panel of men aged between their late teens and late 20s and asked them to share their thoughts on some of these women who are very attractive to men.

1. She treats everyone with kindness, no matter who they are.

“Most women don’t even know I’m there. She, on the other hand, treated me like a man. ‘No wonder she’s well-liked’, I thought,” tells a young man in his late teens. Men are quite observant when it comes to how women treat others. If you can treat everyone around you with respect, you’ll be noticed for that virtue, and not just as a woman, but as a compassionate human being.