5 Types of Ideal Women for Busy Men

If your boyfriend happens to be a high-flyer, then he may not have the luxury of time that allows for frequent dates with you. If you whine about not being able to see each other as often as you like, you’ll soon become a burden to him and his lifestyle. In order for the relationship to work, you may need to adjust your life, as well. We surveyed single men ranging in age from their late teens to early 30s, and asked them to describe their ideal woman who wouldn’t hinder their busy lifestyle.

1. You have a solid understanding of the nature of his job.

“I’m an accountant, and as long as I’m doing this, there will always be a crazy amount of work during April’s tax season. If she can accept how my schedule works, it’ll make things easier for me,” a man in his late 20s explains. He wants you to understand that there may be a period of time he will have to concentrate on his work and nothing else. You need to be able to grasp when he’s busy or when he’s able to get time off, and adjust your expectations accordingly.