I Know She Loves Me… But It’s Still Annoying! 9 Ways Girlfriends Meddle With Their Boyfriends

When you are in love with your boyfriend, it’s only normal that you want to take care of him, or even get involved in his affairs. But even if you act out of love, it might be irritating for your boyfriend when you overdo it. This time, we surveyed guys to introduce to you, “I know she loves me… but it’s still annoying! 9 ways girlfriends meddle with their boyfriends.”

1. You clean his room and move things around without asking

“I place things where it works best for me, so I don’t want her to touch them carelessly.” Many guys are happy if their girlfriends do some cleaning, but they get annoyed when things are moved from their usual spots. If you move something, make sure to put it back where you found it.

2. You force him to go to bed and wake up early “for his health”

“That’s too much work and turns me off because she’s acting like a mother…” Some guys mentioned that the romantic excitement decreases when their girlfriends interfere with their sleep schedule, because it places too much focus on their everyday life. If you are concerned about your boyfriend being a night owl, plan an early morning date and come up with strategies that would naturally help him go to bed and wake up early.

3. You cook food he doesn’t like on purpose to make him overcome his pickiness

“Why does she have to take it this far? It’s not like I’m going to die because I don’t eat cucumbers.” First of all, some guys cannot understand why their girlfriends want them to “overcome their dislikes for certain foods.” It’s best not to push anything on your boyfriend. Try to be patient with him and consider his preferences part of his individuality.

4. You pry into his hobby without knowing much about it

“It honestly irritates me when she butts in without having sufficient knowledge (lol).” Even if your boyfriend knows how to make conversation, it’s not surprising if he has high expectations when it comes to talking about his hobbies. If you want to enjoy his hobby together, be genuine and ask him to “teach you” rather than pretending to know about it already.

5. You not only save your own money, you also try to control his daily spending

“She tells me ‘you can only spend $5 for lunch.’ It’s not like we are married…” Reminding your boyfriend to save for your future together can backfire. Rather than limiting how much he spends, you should get him on board to save together. You can suggest a shared goal, like a special date, and suggest $5 lunches as a way to save toward it.

6. He might be fine about you cleaning around his desk, but you go on his computer and organize the data inside without asking

“She should know that there are things that I want to keep to myself. She’s too insensitive!” This is one area where you shouldn’t overstep. Your boyfriend’s computer contains a lot of private data. He might even store work documents on his computer, so it’s best not to meddle with it.

7. You try to control his social life, like “I don’t want you to hang out with ○○”

“That’s too much meddling and it turns me off because she’s too controlling.” Your boyfriend will be irritated if you instruct him about hanging out with his own friends. Even if you dislike some of his friends, you shouldn’t go further than giving him a hint about your own feelings, like “I don’t think we would get along.”

8. You interfere with the way he works, because you are worried he might get tired working overtime

“I get annoyed with her, regardless of whether she’s saying something right or wrong.” It’s not the best idea to interfere directly with his work. If you are worried about his health, make him nutritious food or be accommodating about his demanding work schedule to express your affection in a different way.

9. You haven’t met his family, but still give him your opinions about his family relationships

“Sure, she’s my girlfriend, but that doesn’t mean she can interfere with my family problems.” Even if your boyfriend is the type who laughs most things off, he might treat things differently when it comes to his family. His family has been part of his life for a long time, and you are a relative newcomer. It’s best to avoid saying anything critical, because there might be special circumstances you’re not aware of.