5 Moments When a Workaholic Man Wishes He Had a Girlfriend

For those who are in the prime of their career, they may not have the spare time for a relationship or marriage. If you happen to fall in love with one of these men, you probably want to find out what will make him reconsider having a girlfriend. We asked 250 single men, aged between their late teens and early 30s, and compiled the answers to show you when workaholic men wished they had a girlfriend.

1. When he (unexpectedly) resonates with love stories on TV.

“I was watching a movie and I started to realize how wonderful it would be to fall in love and have a family of my own,” explains a man in his 20s. Sometimes, small things such as a good movie can change his perspective in life and make him realize that there’s more to it than just his career. When you ask him out on a date, why not select something romantic?