“Pretty on the outside but evil on the inside…” 9 Moments Guys Learned to Distrust Women

Some things women say and do can make guys think, “Girls are scary.” Depending on your words and action, you can go from being someone’s “crush” to becoming known as “the evil one.” What are some of the things that women do that scare guys off? We surveyed guys’ opinions to introduce to you “‘Pretty on the outside but evil in the inside…’ 9 Moments Guys Learned to Distrust Women.”

1. When you start to say bad things about your female friend as soon as she left

“That’s being really two-faced!” Guys find it scary when women dislike each other and talk behind each other’s back, yet pretend to get along on the surface. Instead of bad-mouthing someone in front of others, you should let the person know what’s wrong. That way you can leave an impression that you are “straightforward.”

2. When you throw away items with sentimental value without any hesitation

“That’s too cold-hearted. Does she not have emotional attachment to these items?” Some guys frown at women who throw things out without hesitation because they see it as unfeeling. To give a better impression, be creative and sensitive about the ways you discard things you don’t need anymore.

3. When you talk badly about your ex

“I couldn’t believe she would talk that badly about a guy she used to like…” Some guys get scared when girls bash their ex-boyfriends. Expressing your disapproval of your ex is like rebuking yourself for having fallen for him. You don’t gain much from it, so try to avoid it.

4. When you get into a heated quarrel with your female friends

“I was shocked when she said things like ‘WTF?’ or ‘Go f*** yourself.’” For some guys, it’s a big turnoff to witness girls having a violent exchange of words. Have a more dignified conversation with your friend before it develops into a noisy argument.

5. When you rush into a crowd gathered for a limited-time sale

“She looked like a soldier heading onto the battlefield.” Some guys back off when they see a girl headed straight into a crowded store during a limited-time sale. If you want to focus on shopping, it’s better to go with other girls.

6. When you and the girls make disapproving comments about guys

“That’s too harsh.” when they overhear girls talking about the things they dislike in men, some guys worry that you might be criticizing them, too. If you want to complain about guys, have a girl’s night out so the guys don’t have to hear about it.

7. When you see a fly or a mosquito and you try to beat it to death

“I find it scary how vengeful she can get.” Some guys find it chilling when you get desperate to kill a bug. If there is a guy around you, it might be better to ask him to do the job, by asking something like, “I don’t like bugs very much. Can you get rid of it?”

8. When you start dating a new guy the day after you were crying over getting dumped

“Was she keeping a side guy because she knew this would happen…?” Some guys find it terrifying that girls keep someone on the side in case their current relationship fails, because they don’t ever want to be single. If you are constantly in a relationship, try not to reveal the exact time when you started dating someone new.

9. When you try to get a guy to come see you at an unearthly hour

“I don’t like that she’s doing something to test me.” Some guys find it scary that women try to get them to come out at 3 or 4 in the morning. Even if you want to see someone, keep in mind that most guys won’t appreciate getting a call late at night.