“Pretty on the outside but evil on the inside…” 9 Moments Guys Learned to Distrust Women

Some things women say and do can make guys think, “Girls are scary.” Depending on your words and action, you can go from being someone’s “crush” to becoming known as “the evil one.” What are some of the things that women do that scare guys off? We surveyed guys’ opinions to introduce to you “‘Pretty on the outside but evil in the inside…’ 9 Moments Guys Learned to Distrust Women.”

1. When you start to say bad things about your female friend as soon as she left

“That’s being really two-faced!” Guys find it scary when women dislike each other and talk behind each other’s back, yet pretend to get along on the surface. Instead of bad-mouthing someone in front of others, you should let the person know what’s wrong. That way you can leave an impression that you are “straightforward.”