9 Ways Girls Behave After a Fight That Make Guys Want to Scream, “You’re the Only One for Me!”

Fighting is a natural part of being a couple. However, how a girl handles herself afterward can sometimes bring renewed passion to the relationship. What kind of behavior really grabs guys by their heartstrings? Based on a survey of guys, in this article we’ll be sharing ways girls behave after a fight that make their boyfriends want to scream, “You’re the only one for me!”.

1. When the next time they meet, she says, “I’m sorry” and cooks her favorite foods.

“The way she tries to improve her own mood with food like that is just adorable!” said one guy. Some guys feel a distinct sense of love in the things girls sometimes do to try and cheer themselves up. And besides…working on your cooking skills may just give your boyfriend another reason to stay with you too!