9 Things Girls Do that Make Their Boyfriends Lose Interest in the Early Stages of the Relationship

In relationships, it’s great when a guy is so in love that he’s totally crazy about you. However, a momentary lapse in judgment can ruin things, and little things girls do can make their boyfriends lose interest. In this installment, we’ll be sharing 9 things girls do at the start of relationships that make their new boyfriends lose interest, based on a survey of guys.

1. When her phone service got cut because she hadn’t paid the bill.

“The bill comes every month, so if you can’t manage that, you’re a total mess!” said one guy. If you use up all your money and can’t plan your spending properly, that can be a big turnoff. Some guys aren’t interested in marrying a girl who can’t handle these kinds of things on her own, so make sure you pay your bills first every month.