Offensive comment or constructive criticism? 9 comments that made him a better person

When you notice a fault in him, what do you do? You could point it out, but then you risk ruining your relationship. Wait, that’s not always true. Even if tension develops between you at first, there are often cases where he will appreciate your criticism at a later date. Today, we asked men to share their experience of receiving constructive criticism. Here are 9 examples where criticism made them a better person.

1. “You have to express your gratitude in words.” – When he forgets to voice his appreciation

In the real world, constructive criticism is often frowned upon. Even so, when it comes to the basic social skill set, he will let you bend his ear. Don’t make it sound so personal, or he will think you just want his gratitude. Explain that even in a close friendship, a word of thanks goes a long way.