8 Ways Women Moan That Is Surprising to Men

It might not be good for your health to hold things back during sex, but sometimes the way you moan or scream surprises your man so much, he loses his concentration. So, this time we asked men what kind of moans surprised them the most.

1. The surprisingly noisy “AH!”

When you scream unexpectedly, men feel self-conscious about their surroundings and are unable to devote themselves fully to the act of sex. One man stated, “The walls on my apartment are thin, so it really made me nervous.” It might be best to consider the surroundings and the type of man you are with before you spring a surprising scream during sex.

2. The porn-star-like moan: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“It is a sure turnoff because it sounds so fake.” Men think that screaming like a porn star sounds theatrical, and might mean they’re not doing a great job giving you a good time. It might be more charming to give him an honest reaction.

3. The foreign language moan

“It is funny when she suddenly tries to speak another language.” Maybe you’re trying too hard to impress him or maybe it just slipped out—either way it could turn into a really embarrassing situation.

4. The fake comic-like moan with corny dialogue

“I almost fell down laughing.” Trying to arouse your man by saying or doing something intentionally, like using corny dialogue or moans from movies and comics, is a very risky business and must be tried only with the utmost caution.

5. The funny moan

There are times when you make a sound, a funny sound, a weird sound, like maybe something got stuck in your nose. Well, men were more understanding about this. Some commented that, “Maybe it was an accident, it just slipped out.” But maybe next time, just as a precaution, blow your nose before you start having sex?

6. Trying to say something while breathing heavily—“Ah! This! Ah! Feels! Ah! Good!”

Apparently, there are men who are torn about this and think it’s “half sexy, half funny.” As a basic rule, maybe it is best not to try to speak in full sentences when you’re in the zone and breathing heavily.

7. The “Oh!” as in, “I just remembered something”

A man recalled, “I asked her ‘What is it?’ without thinking and lost my concentration.” It might be best to keep making some sounds during sex so those little noises don’t stand out so much.

8. The consistent announcement, “I’m coming!”

If you keep saying the same thing, your man might lose his concentration and it could get annoying. You might need to keep it fresh by finding more ways to say that you feel good.